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The company sells diagnostic equipment and service equipment for light and heavy vehicles, buses and agricultural machinery. Since the beginning of our activity, we have been working with the Baltic market, selling products of well-known European and world service equipment manufacturers. Therefore, we can offer quality service equipment, favorable prices and conditions, professionally answer your questions.

We offer the largest selection of computer diagnostic equipment in the Baltic States. We are in direct contact with the most famous manufacturers of diagnostic equipment: Launch, Autel, Abrites, Magneti Marelli, Nextech (CarmanScan), Ross-Tech, Delphi, Bosch, Autoboss, Fcar, and many others. Our team has accumulated many years of experience in working with a wide range of auto diagnostic equipment.

We are official Launch, Autel, ATH-Heinl, Weber, Magneti Marelli, AC-Hydraulic, Jaltest, Abrites, Pico Technology, Bosch, Robinair, MAGICMOTORSPORT, Unimetal, GYS, Consul, Alientech, Autorobot, Dimsport, Makita, Milwaukee, DeVILBISS, Representatives of Worky, Tecnolux, Delphi, Tecnolux, Kart, GudePol, Butler, Helvi, Sommerer, Castex, Sherpa, Hella Gutmann, Sp-Tools, Saima Meccanica, Blackhawk in Lithuania.

We support and support Lithuanian car and motorcycle sports teams and the event (see Gallery). Ring racing team GSR Motorsport, motocross team MS Motorsports RT, drift team Drift Devil, rally team Accelerator. We have sponsored and continue to support such events as: FastLap: Omnitel 1000 Km; RigaGrandPrix2012 1000 Km, Car Day; Time Attack et al.

We offer you complex solutions for service installation:

• Turnkey complete service installation

• Delivery and installation of service equipment

• Service design and selection of the most suitable equipment

• Wholesale prices, promotions and discounts

• Complete set of all equipment and calculation of required materials

• Seminars, trainings, consultations after the purchase of equipment

• Full technical service

•  After-sales service

We regularly organize both internal and external training for our customers. We organize seminars, conferences, actively participate in exhibitions. We invite suppliers to come to conduct training for our company's employees and customers, in order to have a good understanding of the equipment we sell and use. Training for our current and future customers is just a small part of what our organization provides to customers.

We are trusted by such clients as: UAB "Busturas", UAB "Atra" (Official Škoda representatives), UAB "Vilniaus Dagris", AB "Pieno Žvaigždės"; UAB "Kelias"; UAB "Skuba", UAB "Melga", UAB "Raseinių autobusų parkas"; UAB "Gotas"; SĮ "Vilniaus rajono autobusų parkas": UAB "Ausegra"; UAB "Elinta" and many others! See Partners.

At KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics, we opened our company 's BalticDiag Laboratory. This is the first automotive electronics diagnostics laboratory in Lithuania. Students will be able to test the maintenance and repair equipment of high-class vehicle electronic systems. Students will be able to test the most professional and modern equipment in this field - diagnostic devices, TPMS devices, oscilloscopes, endoscopes, chip tuning devices and other automotive electronics inspection devices. In order for students to acquire the most relevant knowledge for work practice, they will raise their competence and deepen with the equipment of the most professional manufacturers - Autel and Launch diagnostic devices, Pico Technology oscilloscopes and MAGICMOTORSPORT chip tuning equipment. More about the opening of the laboratory.

The growth of our company was evaluated with the prestigious Gazelle 2017 award. In recent years, the company UAB Baltic Diagnostic Service has been expanding rapidly, therefore we have received recognition as one of the market leaders and an award for the growth of recent years. We have become so strong over the past year that we can now meet a variety of client needs, no matter how complex and whatever the challenge. 3935 companies received this award. Of all the companies, we got a high place in the list - 184, in the Kaunas region, rising to 34 places at once. The results were influenced by the fact that during 2014-2016 we grew by as much as 250 percent

We can offer you the most optimal service equipment solutions, just because we know the equipment we sell, know it to the smallest detail, and only because we will be able to train you how to work, consult on issues and advise at the right time.

UAB Baltic Diagnostic Service aims to become the largest seller of diagnostic equipment in Eastern Europe.