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Brand: Abrites
ABRITES SPS service planThe ABRITES service plan for SPS allows customers to receive assistance from the coating team.The service team will analyze, detect, identify problems that may be encountered with ABRITES products and provide solutions to prevent problems.The system uses English.After purchas..
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Brand: Abrites
SB001 - Subaru Key for reading and smart system recoverySubaru Key for reading and smart system recovery. Key reading without a key and mechanical key for Subaru cars, even if all keys are lost. No disassembly is required under OBD. It is also possible to reset the smart system. This feature allows ..
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Brand: Abrites
ZN066 - Subaru transponder emulatorThe ZN066 is a tool designed to work with Subaru H-type key blades (mechanical) for Subaru vehicles where all keys have been lost. The device is perfect for non-PROTAG customers as it connects directly to your AVDI to mimic a Subaru vehicle key. It works similarly ..
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